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A Hill Country Wedding - Wimberley, TX

Do you need a Venue? OPTIONAL Venue available

A Hill Country Wedding - Wimberley, TX

Home to towering trees, wildflowers, and gorgeous views; Wimberley is located where Cypress Creek and Blanco River meet. This beautiful Hill country town is nestled in the middle of Austin and San Antonio, TX.

Wimberley has much to offer as you explore the Square, check out local artists, and take a dip in the river or one of the swimming holes. A perfect destination getaway as you tie the knot. Check out more at

Your Wedding - Located on 5 Acres in Wimberley, TX

Option 1 - The Wishing Well Wedding

For the small and intimate wedding in mind, this Hill Country Wedding is designed for the couple and up to 2 guests. Standing only.

Option 2 - The Pergola Wedding

This gorgeous pergola is designed to accommodate up to 30 guests during the ceremony as you tie the knot. Chairs are available to rent 1-30 for $25.00, guest can stand or bring their own chairs.

Note: The is no charge for using either of these venue locations.

            Note: We offer a 10% discount on Services to Students and Veterans. You must have current ID. Discount is not available on products. 


Reverend Sheryl Martin was an exceptional officiant. She put together a great wedding program for my wife with short notice. Sheryl gathered all details my bride and I wanted from our wedding. She also personalized the wedding for us and provides upgrade options.

Not only does she have a great venue with multiple locations but she provides complimentary photography. I highly recommend using her for services. She is very professional and truly cares about making everyone's wedding the most memorable occasion.

Andrew Everett

Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin delivered the most perfect experience for us. Her ceremony was beautifully written, her Wimberley property was gorgeous and she gave us a keepsake heart of sand. We took advantage of your free photographer who took ample and amazing photos of us around the location. We were so grateful that they allowed our puppy to be present during the entire ceremony and photo session. Thank you Reverend Dr. Sheryl Tk. Martin (and photographer) for making our intimate ceremony better than we ever could have imagined!

Liliya Patarinski

We decided to elope the week we found her. I was searching for an elopement venue simultaneously. When I saw Dr. Martin also had Reverend in her title, I though what a wonderful officiant to do the intimate wedding we wanted. Once my inquiry went through she was very quick in response...definite +1 in the book? Then we found out she could do our ceremony at her place in Wimberley aka Hill Country, our ideal setting we were elated...another +1!! When we set our hearts on The Wishing Well location (for an extremely wonderful price) communication was always clear, concise, thoughtful while also very professional.

We both loved the questionnaire to pinpoint our LOVE story, ideals and values for Reverend Dr. Martin to craft vows unique to our relationship! Also, the fact she was willing to go above and beyond anything we needed to ensure our ceremony unfolded exactly as we wished!! Our wedding was everything we imagined in our minds come to life before our eyes...intimate, private, elegant in a peaceful outdoor setting with every detail we chose. A beautiful experience to start our life as one.

THANK YOU Reverend Dr. Sheryl Martin <3

Amanda M.

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