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DEADLINE to register as a vendor for the Sunday, May 12th is APRIL 21st


Now accepting vendor applications for Sunday, May 12, 2024. Download the vendor application from one of the link below. If you have any questions contact Sheryl at 559-779-5510.

2024 San Marcos Metaphysical & Holistic Fair Dates:
Saturday, May 11, 2024 and Sunday, May 12, 2024

Saturday, September 14, 2024 and Sunday, September 15, 2024

 2025 San Marcos Metaphysical & Holistic Fair Dates:
Saturday, February 08, 2025 and Sunday, February 09, 2025

Saturday, May 10, 2025 and Sunday, May 11, 2025

Saturday, September 13, 2025 and Sunday, September 14, 2025

















Enjoy a day with wonderful healers and practitioners. This event is for individuals who are looking for guidance, looking for healing, or simply wanting to purchase items for themselves or a loved one. No matter where you are on your spiritual path you will simply enjoy this fair.

Saturday, MAY 11, 2024 and Sunday, MAY 12, 2024 
11:00 a.m.  to 5:00 p.m. CST

Holiday Inn
105 Bintu Drive
San Marcos, Texas 78676
I-35 between exit 202 and 204
FREE Admission
FREE Lectures
FREE Parking
Open to the Public

Saturday, May 11, 2024 Free Lecture Schedule:


11:15-12:00 p.m. = Akashic Records by Mia Loweree; Akashic Records: What are they? Who are the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones? What are the benefits? What should you know before having an Akashic Record consultation.


12:15-1:00 p.m. = Connecting with your Guides and Angels by Cindy Hallett; Your Guides and Angels are always with you. Learn to work with your spiritual team to help guide you on the path of least resistance. Work together to find an easier, happier life.


1:15-2:00 p.m. = Quantum Healing / We have power to heal ourselves by Yuci Edwards; Healing ourselves in present moment, we can heal the past and the future. This could free us from our karmic ties with others.


2:15-3:00 p.m. = Cultivating Your Inner Temple by ToreSol; Guided Visualization & Meditation

3:15-4:00 p.m. = You Can Tarot Too... by Linda Snow; Bring a tarot deck and your curiosity. A presentation on the what, why, and how of Tarot reading.


4:15-5:00 p.m. = Chakras and Essential Oils by Terri Brimm; How to use essential Oils in conjunction with your chakras.



Sunday, May 12, 2024 Free Lecture Schedule:


11:15-12:00 p.m. = The Human Upgrade by Sabayo Matiku: You will receive the next Ascension Upgrade in the presence of Initiate Marconics Teacher, Sabayo Matiku. Learn about the State of the Universe. The planetary SHIFT and how to access and assimilate recently anchored Mother Arc/Aqua Ray Magnetics for the Next Wave of Ascension. RECALIBRATE and thrive in the Avatar Matrix. RECLAIM your Wings through the merger of Christos/Sophia. EMBODY SOVEREIGNTY as Masters of Cocreation & Manifestation.


12:15-1:00 p.m. = Eye Reading by Ambika Longnecker; Explore the mandala of your soul... through reading the iris of your eye! Eye Reading is the method of ascertaining "where" in the person there is suffering, trauma or identification.

1:15-2:00 p.m. = Learning to Trust Your Intuition by Palmer McLean; This talk explores learning how to listen and trust your intuition in daily life. We'll discuss practical ways to sift through and quiet your mental chatter to hear the messages coming to you as well as how to differentiate guidance from your higher self versus inherent beliefs from society, friends and family.

2:15-3:00 p.m. = Radiant Aura Kathy Cabarcas; Kathy will provide information about the human aura, including its functions, types, and its connection to a person's well-being. You will see how the aura's electromagnetic field can improve mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions to enjoy healing and good health. The lecture will provide insights on maintaining a radiant aura and filling it with prana or universal energy.


3:15-4:00 p.m. = Heal Instantly with Quantum Hypnosis by Greg Good; Quantum Healing Hypnosis, developed by Dolores Cannon, reviews past lives and enables direct contact with the Subconscious (Source, your guides or higher self) for answers to any questions and they provide the basis for instant healing. Greg will explain this technique.


4:15-5:00 p.m. = Angels at the Bedside by Kim Copeland; Stories of Death and Dying from Hospice RN and Medium

MAY 2024 Practitioner Line-Up

Sarah Leigh Davis - ART by Sarah


Sarah Davis is a 33-year-old artist who is able to capture beauty from within and bring it to life through her drawings and paintings. Sarah lived through a house explosion when she was just two years old. As a result she lives with several disabilities, but always maintains a positive attitude.


Sarah loves horses and attends a therapeutic horse-riding program weekly. She has ridden horses since she was 5 years old. Sarah enjoys drawing and painting horses. Sarah has been inspired by art her entire life. Sarah stated, "When people see my art, I want them to love it, for them to be happy and amazed by it, and for them to always enjoy it with a kind and loving heart". Sarah says that the world around her makes her feel beautiful and that she loves being a part of the Metaphysical and Holistic Fairs and thinks it’s such a wonderful opportunity for her to share her love and beauty with others. 

Amanda Soto - Ammanda Soto Medium


Mediumship, Psychic, Tarot, Oracle

Ambika Longnecker - Health with Ambika


PRESENTER at 12:15pm on Sunday

Eye Readings and Theta Sessions

ToreSol and Breezy Horak - Sol & Root PKA Cosmic Intentions


Tore is a PRESENTER at 2:15pm on Saturday

Tore worked with spirit since childhood learning to use various gifts of clarity & intuition to uncover hidden knowledge, information and truths. Tore focuses on healing through the chakras and subtle body energetic fields utilizing different modalities and teachings to provide an encompassed healing & reading experience. Sessions use a combination of reiki, crystal, smoke, and sound healing in addition to channeling energies from the universe and spirit guides for healing on a Cosmic level. They also provide energy readings such as Tarot & Chakra Stone Readings where he channels your spirit guides to deliver a personal message for your present journey and path. Tore also offers custom Abstract Aura Paintings and aura readings to better understand your auric field and current experiences. In addition to energy work, Tore also creates a variety of handcrafted metaphysical & ritual products such as cosmic reiki charged jewelry, candles, oils, and more! All available online & in-person.


Breezy will be providing tarot readings and selling waistbeads. 

Catherine Sewell - Illuminated Images


Decorative objects I make with medieval appearance, themes of Tarot, Wicca, ecology. Wall plaques, triptychs, tin boxes.

Cindy Hallett - The Entity Doctor


PRESENTER at 12:15 on Saturday

Entity Consultations & Readings

A leading expert in the unseen world, Cindy Hallett, The Entity Doctor™, specializes in clearings uninvited entities and spirits. A Reverend, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Coach, Cindy is here to guide you to a happier and healthier lifestyle. See what lurks inside you, your family, or your home.

Donna Stephens


Tarot Readings



Handouts (Books)

Francesca Fleming - F D Fleming LLC


Medical Intuitive Medium & Energist

Readings about your Body, Heart and Soul providing specific guidance for your healing journey. Aura balancing and chakra clearing available at fairs.

greg good.jpg

Greg Good - Good Holistic Healing


PRESENTER at 3:15pm on Sunday

It has been discovered that the cells of the body vibrate at various frequencies depending on their state of health. Greg Good offers healing frequency energy tools and nano crystal energy products which help to balance your energy fields and chakras and promote better health. For the past 30 years, Greg has been involved in the metaphysical realm, quantum physics universe and all things holistic for the body. He is also a past life healing hypnosis therapist trained by Dolores Cannon since 2010.

Kathy Cabarcas.png

Kathy Cabarcas - Oneness and Wellness Events


PRESENTER at 2:15pm on Sunday

Clairvoyant and Psychic Readings, Chakra Healing

Kathy Cabarcas has been a spiritual healing facilitator and certified life coach for over a decade; she works with and teaches individuals who are seeking to heal karmic baggage, restore personal boundaries and distortions from their energy fields that are preventing them from experiencing their authentic mind, empowering emotions, creativity, and inner-fulfillment. 

Kathy's work aims to provide guidance, tools, and precise techniques that empower individuals to detach and heal from creating and perpetuating negative karma patterns that destroy a person's well-being for them to experience the benefits of Self-Realization.

Kerry Morony.jpg

Kerry Morony - Reiki with Kerry


Reiki Sessions

Kim Copeland_edited.jpg

Kim Copeland - MediumKim


PRESENTER at 4:15pm on Sunday

Energy Healing, Psychic/Mediumship, Aura Colors and drawings, etc.

Linda Snow.jpg

Linda Snow - Penny Rocket LLC


PRESENTER at 3:15pm on Saturday

Intuitive Tarot Readings

Though sensing their presence for years, Linda accepted and engaged with the spirits surrounding her in 1999. She now engages with them regularly to guide her through reading cards, dowsing, and mediumship.


Linda has worked with the Rider Waite Tarot cards and her incredible team of spirit guides to give insights to people with questions and concerns since 2003.


Linda worked in Microprocessor design for 35 years. She is an accomplished artist and a published author. In her retirement, she continues to write, read tarot, and study metaphysics.

Lindsay Estill - Velvet Buddha Arts 


Aura Photos and Art

Mia Loweree


PRESENTER at 11:15am on Saturday

Akashic Record Consultant, Universal Intuitive, Guided Mentor.

Mia obtained her certification in the Advanced Level of Akashic Record Consultations in 2012- (Rev. Lauralyn Bunn Akashic Pathways) - and has been facilitating accessing the Akashic Records since then.

She is also utilizing her gifts in multiple areas of Intuition and is available to facilitate various types of Readings and Metaphysical services as well.

Mia would like to share that she unconditionally works with all faith belief systems, including agnostic and atheist.

A word from Mia:

I am honored to facilitate on your behalf and to be a part of what I call the "Human*Spirit*Divine love* Connection"-

& "The Exchange"...

The experience of working with others expands my consciousness and connection with "The Whole" - that "Exchange" is felt and utilized by myself & others, as I continue this work...

Thank you for being a part of "The Exchange" - Mia


Charles Martell representing Nature's Treasures of Texas LLC


Crystals, jewelry, incense, metaphysical gifts, tools, and etc.

Nature's Treasures is an independently owned crystal shop that caters to both spiritual healers, jewelry makers, and collectors alike for 24 years since established by Karen Richards back in 2000. Our mission is to bring in the highest quality crystals, minerals, fossils, jewelry, books, media, and equipment for all walks of life to enjoy and bring home for themselves while also standing as a pillar within the Austin Community hosting events pertaining to spiritual wellness, geological discovery and holistic living.

Neil Ely.jpg

Neil Ely - Tarot


i grew up on a farm in West Texas wondering why my siblings didn't converse nightly visitors, or see beautiful colors around people, plants and animals or possess sensitive understanding hands as I did. As a Spirit Talker, Clear Seerer, and Intuitive Healer, I use these gifts to bring beauty, well-being, and understanding to receptive seekers through TAROT.




Sacred Stone Readings and Painted Stones

palmer mclean.webp

Palmer McLean - Intuitive Guidance Center


PRESENTER at 1:15 pm on Sunday

Intention setting supplies handmade with essential oils; Tarot.

Palmer McLean is an intuitive guide, certified Reiki practitioner and energy healer, and has been reading tarot for over 30 years. In addition, she hand-makes aromatherapy products for intention setting and magical manifestation using recipes and formulas intuited from spirit. Her passion is helping others access and trust their intuition, especially after trauma.

           Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin - Heaven-Pathways-Earth



Sheryl is a psychic medium, reiki master, spiritual counselor, intuitive, life coach, and empath who provides higher guidance through her connection with spirit. Sheryl has a doctoral degree in Holistic Theology and is ordained as an interfaith minister, which simply means that she believes in the connection of all people and of all religions. Sheryl has talked to spirit since she was 9 years old, when her father visited her after passing away. Sheryl will be providing readings using the Cosmic Zee Board (not available in stores) and her connection with spirit to provide you with guidance.

Rosalinda Sepeda-Sanchez

Rozalynda Sepeda


Las Barajas Espanola’s (the Spanish Tarot)


Readings available in English/Spanish

Empathic, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Intuitive Psychic, Medium, Angelic Reiki Healing, messages from dearly departed.


Ordained Certified Minister at Universal Life Church.


Read Aura pictures or pictures of your deceased loved ones, Dream interpretation.


I see and pickup on of your past lives and how they affect you in the present. 


Suggest grandmother’s home remedies,

Self-taught Intermediate Astrology


Sabayo Matiku - Marconics


PRESENTER at 11:15am on Sunday

Marconics Ascension Energy

Sabayo Matiku passionately serves the Ascension Mission in his role as Advanced Practitioner of the Marconics ‘No-Touch’ Healing Protocol, and as an Initiate Teacher of the Marconics LEVEL I Certification Course.

He was trained, and is personally mentored by Marconics originator and custodian, Alison David Bird, C.Ht, and Co-founder, Lisa Wilson. Sabayo is a lightship: a beacon in the darkness calling Light Workers, Way Showers and Star Seed to safe harbor, who have been dragged down by the perilous energetic undercurrents of this turbulent 3/4D world, and who feel as though they are lost at sea, with no memory of their origins, purpose or mission. 

His personal experience of Marconics serves as his inspiration, because he knows firsthand the profound and lasting shifts this Intelligent and Evolving Energy Healing System can bring about in people’s lives, as well as the potential it holds for the remembrance and embodiment of peace, re-connection, and expansive healing on a global level.

Shirley Buie - Gem Buie


Jewlery, rocks, crystals, giftware and collectibles.

Trained as a jewelry fabricator at Austin Community College, earned certificates & degree with the American Gem Society & Gemological Institiute of American Shirley is semi-retired in those areas with a passion for gemstones, crystals & minerals. Degrees in healing arts of Biosonic Repatterning & Seichim Reiki Master. Penned & published Archangel Keepsake Coloring Book with a small rock shop in the San Marcos Texas area. After taking a hiatus & working with animals, nature & healing she has resumed her services at the local fairs in the surrounding area.

Tanisha Garfield 2.png

Tanisha Garfield - Monarch Healing LLC


Holistic Coach, Reiki, Psychic Mediumship, Workbooks, Teas, Journals.

Tanisha Garfield is a resilient holistic life coach who gracefully navigates life's challenges with unwavering dedication. As a certified life coach, she dives deep into metaphysical healing and transformation. Tanisha's business stands as a beacon of her passion, where she integrates modalities like Reiki, Akashic reading, and psychic mediumship to foster holistic wellness. Despite societal skepticism towards unconventional professions, she remains resolute in her belief in the power of spiritual practices. Today, Tanisha inspires others on their self-discovery journey, showcasing the strength found within spirituality and personal growth.

Terri Brimm - Young Living



Essential Oils and more

Velia Hernandez.jpg

Velia Hernandez - Unveil Infinite Potential


Animal Communication

Yuci Edwards - Yuci's Healing Center 


PRESENTER at 1:15pm on Saturday

Tarot, Angel Guiding, Numerology


2024 San Marcos Metaphysical & Holistic Fair Dates

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Saturday, May 11, 2024 and Sunday, May 12, 2024

Saturday, September 14, 2024 and Sunday, September 15, 2024

2025 San Marcos Metaphysical & Holistic Fair Dates

Saturday, February 08, 2025 and Sunday, February 09, 2025

Saturday, May 10, 2025 and Sunday, May 11, 2025

Saturday, September 13, 2025 and Sunday, September 14, 2025

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