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•The Buddha(Siddhartha – which means fulfilled) was born a prince in Northern India. He had all he could ever ask for, and although he was happy, he was curious to see how ordinary people lived outside the palace walls.
    •One day he snuck out of the palace and saw four important sights – an old man, a sick man, a dead person and a calm looking hermit. The first three sights made him very sad. Because he was told that everyone grows old, falls sick and dies. He felt terrible. He thought ‘If only I knew the answer to stop people from growing old, falling sick and dying then everyone would be happy.’ Then he recalled the fourth sight of the calm and happy hermit that comforted him a little.
    •The Prince then left the palace to learn about life and to find true happiness. Siddhartha studied with many well learned teachers but none could give him a clear answer of how to be happy. So he decided to leave them and search for an answer for himself. Siddhartha found a perfect spot under the Bodhi tree and began his final journey to seek Enlightenment.
    •Buddha means the fully Enlightened One, perfect in Wisdom and Compassion. He became Enlightened without any help from others and is known as the Teacher of Gods and Men. Dhamma, The Teachings of the Buddha, teach us to do good, avoid doing bad and make our mind happy.

Buddha Figure (Lucky & Chakra)

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