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Spirit Animal



Lion: Helps you to learn to hold your head high, stand tall and to have faith, even in times of discord.



Dolphin: Helps you become more playful and loving, improve your sense of connectedness, and remember your dreams.



Bear: helps you establish the communication with your own soul and make that journey inside. It can assist you to understand the meaning of your dreams.



Turtle: Helps you to unite Heaven and Earth; acting in the material world without losing sight of the mission of your soul.



Cat: Helps you develop your intuition, remain confident in moments of darkness and overcome challenges with agility.



Owl: Helps you tap into the spirit knowledge and develop your perceptions and your intuition.


Wolf: Helps you to adapt to the different situations of your life without losing focus of your own goal.



Elephant: Helps you remove obstacles out of your way and lead your life with stability, honor, and happiness.



Parrot: Helps you better understand other points of view and improve the way you communicate.



Dragon: Helps you develop independence, self confidence, strength, courage, and fortitude.



Unicorn: Helps you with issues of virtue and honesty, within yourself or to see it in others. Unicorns protects the wearer from evil.


Horse: Helps you to meet challenges, take risks, make choices and move forward while remaining solidly grounded.



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