Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin

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Customer Testimonials

I have been receiving spiritual guidance for years now from Sheryl and she's truly a blessing in disguise! So humble and easy to talk to; she's helped me develop and grow in ways I never thought possible....it's exactly what my soul needed. Another thing I love about her is that even after we have this phenomenal breakthrough (with whatever issue I'm having), she guides me in continuing my praying or meditation or whatever the issue may be. I never feel like I'm alone, I always have the support and guidance I feel I need. :)

Carrie S.

I appreciate you so much and I look forward to seeing you at the next wholistic festival! You are a blessing and I know you have helped my little soul tremendously!


Very kind, great character - recommend highly.


If you're looking for the right person, that would be Sheryl


Sherry was exceptional. She performed our wedding with such love and it was SO personal. She took special care to really get to know our preferences so that the vows and the service were unique to us. I would strongly recommend her to officiate your marriage. She gets it right and our experience was so wonderful, personal and unforgettable!

Kym A.

What a beautiful heart! ❤❤❤❤ What a peaceful energy!

Debbie G.

Sheryl and her husband are a perfect team. They arrived early, and provided a very thoughtful and meaningful ceremony for us. Sheryl took time to personalize the vows and candle lighting exchange in a calm and beautiful way. We highly recommend her, knowing your ceremony will be equally as cherished as ours was.


Dr. Sheryl T Martin's service was the very best, thank you!


My wife and I had a wonderful experience working with Sheryl. We wanted a simple setting just for the two of us and plan on having a ceremony with family later in the year. After discussing our plans, we decided on a location that she provided for us. She was accomedating and made the experience very special. Our private ceremony was wonderful and we can't wait to have Sheryl work with us again


My wife and I met Sheryl a couple of months prior to our wedding and I knew right away that she was going to be who we'd ask to marry us. Her sincere nature and and spiritual wisdom really made us feel blessed to have met her. We were also new to the Austin area and were looking for someone to conduct our marriage ceremony. We had a private ceremony which Sheryl really made special for us, writing a meaningful message to accompany our vows. We'll be holding another ceremony in a few months with family and we look very much forward to getting to introduce them to her. I would recommend her to anyone


Sheryl is a soul like no other. I have been receiving guidance from her for a few years now and I'm thankful for every moment. My life has truly been enhanced since meeting Sheryl. I am Definitely excited to try Reiki. Oh and can't forget the beautiful stones, chakra kit, and dream-catchers!! Thank you for everything Sheryl!

Sarah S.

I've only just met SHERYL..It was an instant connection-as if we'd known each other for years! Her spiritual insights are phenomenal. I'm looking forward to a enriching meaningful relationship for a long time!!

Nancy G.

Sheryl has done a couple of readings for me and they have been spot on. I'm looking forward to seeing her again soon!


Sheryl is passionate about being of spiritual service to others. She goes the extra mile to ensure each class, reading, healing, and wedding is done with quality and grace. You can bet she comes from a place of integrity.


Sheryl has a powerful ability to see into the heart of the matter and communicate with care and tenderness the messages spirit has for each individual. Her connection to both the spiritual world and the material world makes her an amazing bridge to share messages back and forth with such clarity! I couldn't recommend her more highly!!!!!!


She has the wisdom of a sage, the sensitivity of a healer. She has both professional and personal integrity. She offers insights on all aspects of life. It is an honor, a blessing and a privilege to experience a reading with Reverend Dr. Sheryl T Martin.

Jan B.

I met Sheryl at the Body Mind Spirit Expo, and we instantly connected. I received a great reading, and feedback was spot on. She's a gifted reader and intuitive in addition to being a beautiful soul. Highly recommend!


Sheryl is an inspirational individual who has truly helped me nurture my inner self. She is a wonderful teacher and her workshops are great. You can be sure that she will have your well being as her top priority.

Tyler S.

I met Sheryl T Martin in person at the Temple Fair. I saw her many times at other fairs, but never talked to her. When she walked into the church, when we started talking, I was immediately IN her energy. If you are one of her clients, had a reading/consultation done, then you KNOW she is good. BUTTTTTT, she has more power, more profound depth which is not unleashed yet. There is more to come, just stay with her. If you know me, you know I do not stand for BS or fake. I am brutally honest and tell as it is. I don't suck money out of people or get paid to say something. I am 100% real and Sheryl T. Martin will be more than she may be imaging for herself right now.  STAY WITH HER and see her growing.  :-)

Aurora Ute

She is great with her business and very professional. Works hard and does great work.

Ricardo G.

Spent more time than what I paid for and was concerned.

Steve B.

Rev. Sheryl Martin is a beautiful warm and loving soul with amazing gifts for delivering messages from Spirit. She is highly connected to the heavenly realms and this is evident in all her offerings. Schedule with her to get answers for your questions and comfort for your soul!! Hurry, she is booking up quickly!

Melissa K.

I came to meet Sheryl and I didn’t know what to expect but I had so many life questions and very little answers. She was able to read myself and my history, 100% legit. I don’t believe in future readings but I am open to a higher being, a higher mind, and a potential out of bound movement that is happening now. She was very patient, answered all my questions, and provide insight into my past and future. I left very happy she was able to answer my questions about my future since she passed my test. Yes I had a test for her, I didn’t believe her but she passed my test and I am a believer. You ask me what test? She was able to share a loss I had in my life that happened recently and no one would know except me and 1 other person but she is person 3. Wow!!!!!!

Thomas L.

My pendulums have made themselves apart of my life and we are in tune and spreading love 💕 and light 💡

Square Customer Service, Quality Feedback

Dr. Reverend Martin provided everything we asked for without extra hassle or hidden additional fees. She was excellent and so easy to work with. Made our day perfect and custom to US!!!!!! Highly recommended!


She was a quality minister, which did an amazing job for us.


You are such an amazing person and i am so thankful to have found you to officiate are wedding.

Square Customer Service, Quality Feedback